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"CraftyNotes has improved the way I handle session notes. As a busy therapist, I used to spend half an hour at the end of the day doing all my notes. Now, I just recap my session for a minute between sessions."

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Briefly talk about your last session and get progress notes

Try it here ...just briefly talk about your last session and get progress notes

SOAP Note example:

  • Subjective: The client expressed feelings of being unsupported by his parents, specifically noting that when his parents call, they inquire about his dog but not about his partner.
  • The client verbalized a desire to improve and rebuild the relationship with their parents.
  • Assessment: The client's reported feelings suggest a perception of emotional neglect from their parents concerning their significant life choices and relationships.
  • The client's willingness to discuss these issues and improve their relationship with their parents is a positive indicator for engagement in the therapeutic process.
  • Plan: The therapeutic plan includes unpacking the issues in the client's relationship with their parents to understand the underlying causes of the strain and to facilitate steps toward rebuilding a supportive relationship.
  • Future sessions will likely involve developing communication strategies and setting goals for interactions with the client's parents.



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